RCA Support desktop app

The RCA support desktop app is here to help GP trainees prepare their consulting skills for the RCA.


Your trainer can't be with you during every consultation but the RCA app can.


The app follows where you are in your consultation and provides evidence based advice as you consult to help you develop key consulting skills.




Once you have entered your planned exam submission date the app will track your progress and collect feedback.


Your feedback is used to better tailor the app to your needs and inform research on differential attainment and exam performance.

We care about trainees developing excellent consulting skills because when it comes to the crunch you will be the ones that care for us, our families and our friends.


To help you be the best we have taken clinical input from experts experienced in MRCGP preparation for CSA and RCA, evidence from studies on consulting performance in MRCGP and studies on efficacy of consulting techniques. We have paired that knowledge with the key concerns and aims of trainees as raised at RCGP RCA preparation courses to deliver information that meets your training agenda.


The pre -consultation preparation information within the app will help you to prepare a consultation to maximise your performance and learning.


The use of the timed NICE CKS clinical prompts for data gathering and clinical management will help you to develop your clinical knowledge, topic familiarity, confidence and expertise.




Evidence based consulting